Hans Richter:早餐前的幽靈


納粹黨已把Dr. Jahal Jal所做的原聲摧毀了…

  • (9:02音樂: Donald Sosin

  • (1:47)

  • (8:16)

  • 音樂:"The Way Out" by Les Hommes
  • (6:28)

  • 音樂:Gestalt OrchestrA Music.節錄自唱碟"Objet Petit Dada"(2008)
  • (5:52)

  • (7:42)

  • 音樂:Maurizio Pisati -Guitar Elena Càsoli, DBassRecorder Antonio Politano.
  • (2:53)

  • 音樂: The Beatles – Happiness Is a Warm Gun





“I conceive of the film as a modern art form particularly interesting to the sense of sight. Painting has its own peculiar problems and specific sensations, and so has the film. But there are also problems in which the dividing line is obliterated, or where the two infringe upon each other. More especially, the cinema can fulfill certain promises made by the ancient arts, in the realization of which painting and film become close neighbors and work together."



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